Finnegan Wharton

I am your quirky, poetic, synesthete narrator, and you can call me Finn.

I’m severely dissatisfied with the real world— so much so that I’ve stumbled into unreality altogether— and these are my exploits.

I live in an urban ghost town in the forgotten parts of the old US of A, and I go to school sometimes for science (really just to perform my own experiments) and, while I’m not in Dustland, I am dreaming, inventing questionable contraptions, or breaking into places I shouldn’t with Jasper.


Jasper is a witch from Dustland. He resides in the 22nd century but sometimes decides to visit me. He visits a lot. When I asked how old he is he just said “I’m old enough to be your grandfather but that doesn’t stop this sexy thang from getting some.” (We’ll just say he’s in his mid-twenties.)

His job is to bring things from Dustland to the Solid for a select handful of prestigious and secretive clientele. He’ll also do mercenary work if you ask him. He’s a skilled traveler, magic-worker and illusionist and you do not want to cross him. Or fall asleep in his presence.

Jasper guides me to Dustland sometimes, because he knows all the pathways. He also puts me through a lot of shit.

Sunshine (Or Sunny, Sun and Sunny-d)

Sunshine is a traveler and powerful creator in Dustland. She’s constantly on the move, and meets a marvelous bunch of people on her travels. She sews, weaves, and creates whole new pockets of reality in Dustland for other thoughtforms to live in. She gives freely, dances and laughs a lot, and has some severe klepto tendencies, so watch out for your things.

She comes from the Solid, but that was a long time ago. She is missing a lot of her memories of those days but from what I can gather, she disappeared from the Solid sometime in the 70’s. She looks like she’s no older than 20.

Sunshine is clever, resourceful, headstrong, and passionately optimistic (which grates on Jasper’s nerves), and always has something good to share. She can’t stay put in one place longer than a conscious day (it’s not her fault, she can’t help but fall asleep and appear somewhere else.)

Oh, she’s also my girlfriend.