I am your neighborhood’s own white trash troublemaker. I live in the burbs of Greeley. Well, more like the trailer house before the suburbs in Greeley. You know the ones. Run-down as shit but still fully lived in; that are constantly abandoned of cars but you can definitely tell someone lives there because every now and then the blinds change positions and filter different kinds of light vaguely.
Yeah, my mom and I are some of those tenants. Broke as all get-out. She doesn’t really leave the house. And I pretty much live in my 1997 Ford Impala.
I am going to college, general ed right now but I want to do something more that expands our consciousness beyond anything we’ve ever dreamed. Actually, I want to focus on dreaming. The big, everyday thing that happens to everyone and that no one really talks about. Where does that come from?
Well, I know. I just want to tell everyone else.
What I am looking for is the substantiality to our dreams. Somewhere, there’s continuity and all the dots connect and our dreams play out in an unlikely waltz with all of the Universe.