Squeaky floorboard announces my arrival startling

vaulted ceilings awake joyfully ringing back with my footsteps.

The sun streaming from the glass high above continues on undisturbed.

Dust motes continue their dance unobstructed. Uncontained sound rings on.

No, not just any abandoned house.

My life begins here. In this abandoned house of GOD.

Have you ever stirred something from scratch in the corners of your brain

that you thought had been long gone but they came back like a familiar memory?

You know, the brand new thought you’ve always had?

In this house, I lose everything I thought I knew about life.

Here I feel different. Hopeful. Transient dreams taking on new vibrance.

I shall find the Great Beyond. Transcend to something new.

We are here in the after-moments when you’ve asked so hard you’ve given up.

Forever leading you to the next clue that reveals all you’re searching for.

You are riddled with all of the ancient pains you repeat over and over again,

the ache in your chest is a reflection of that. Break away, try something daringly new.

Be a creator of your own curiosity. Turn your bones into matter not seen.

You have within you that which you want to become; grasp it.

Here I have come upon the one thing that will change my life forever: An open door.

The threshold between me and my desires seems infinitesimal. Too easy. Why now?

The door is not a door, but I can see the colors, secrecy betrayed by supersight.

Everything has a color painting my vision with layers of my own reality. I know.

Peeling wood paneling hides the way to everything I have ever wanted:

To escape reality.

Or so I hope.

It’s the time. Go straight through. Don’t look back.


The more the momentum the more of the inertia every turn throws me into full certainty of my reflexes flying faster than ever and trusting light points to guide me but the twilight is all I need to see where I’m headed: The ever distant skyline of the Rockies.

Hurtling me to dwell forever in the brand new ideas that breakthrough like Plexiglas caught driving through an intersection that flashes me into an archive I have no access to causes me to ask the questions that bring them forward one by one: an endless potential outcome but always one trajectory.

The road is much too long for it not to lead you where you’re going when you’re ready to take the turn as it comes up we know life changes turn the world upside down but sometimes the escape is all you need to fly back forward to where you want to be, an expanding, looping reaction that becomes a trail of anecdotes and ‘huh, who knew’s tangling up in destiny. Every road is a right road if you’re curious to see where the winding ones will lead you, answers following you never knew would visit so soon; potential curves and hills and hazards that constantly keep you on your toes, and Lord knows you’re pumping the gas because the time doesn’t last but the distance can as long as you outrun the night.