Cease and desist I will never forget it leap these faith skips don’t faze me anymore there’s something enticing about the horizon the unknown and even though I have nothing today I am riches tomorrow and somewhere along the way time stops to let matter do what matters, my sunshine days are much closer to me than I let myself believe because my facets are scattered but still connected to meet the ultimate becoming I am BLIND but I will never give up hope that my life is full of color and one day I’ll see that I didn’t need to see at all it’s within me coming down in waterfalls my mind soul something is much more enticing than any outside mastery can take but maybe for dessert it will satisfy my ravenous wanting.

Fade in to the out the other side you forgot about the real is in your head completely internalized waiting to see the outside you don’t understand the superscene of science how you can have it all any second now you will fall in love and this is what you’ve always dreamed about the levels life has construed come unglued you have no basis to hide against only forward, onward, upward to some point in space behind your eyes always dark but brighter than the rest of the world you’ve seen, there’s just so much more to skip about and whoop aloud and sing there’s an infinite chance to slipstream praises because life loves you and you’re the hardest damn thing to romance but if you know you have the chance to be with life then take it take it all and don’t look back ask no questions simply be ready to answer the call when we tell you and life will unveil the showers of gifts and I love you’s it’s not life or death stakes just take it.

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